Enchanted Forest at Molenvliet

Letter of thanks from this couple:

“Thank you O so much! What a magical day it was. Wish we could have slowed down time, seeing all the pics come in are helping us recollect all the surreal moments 😉
The vision I had really did come to life! Thank you both for helping me make it come true. We have had such amazing comments from all our guests. It was a week so full of love and our families really did get to experience the truth from both our sides. Precious indeed.
Thank you Rebecca and Imke for making the entire day run so smoothly! I felt at peace and so grateful to have left it all in their hands! Amazing!
From the welcome drinks to the 2pm closing it felt like a dream…. was most of our guests comments 😉 A festival of love created 😉 Sending much Love to you all and a BIG THANKS ONCE AGAIN! XXXXXXX”


Cape Town Wedding planner: Nicci Morris, New York City wedding planner from Nicolette Weddings New York City Wedding Planner
Cape Town Wedding Venue: Cape Town wedding venue: Molenvliet
Cape Town Wedding Photography: Abri Kruger Photography



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