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New York Wedding Planner Advice: Our Guide to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is often one of the most important elements for the bride and the search for THE gown can be overwhelming. We’ve got some tips to help you find your perfect dress without the stress!

Some things to consider:

  • Before you start the search for your dress, think about your own style and also about the type of wedding you’ll be having. This can range from conservative to casual, depending on whether you are having a traditional church wedding or a celebration on the beach.
  • Educate yourself about the different styles out there, and think about what style is likely to suit your body type best. Before deciding on what you want go and try on dresses in different styles to determine what ultimately suits your shape and personality.
  • Decide whether you’d like to buy a dress off the rail from a bridal boutique or have your dress custom made by a dressmaker or designer.
  • This can be a good opportunity to include your mother, bridesmaids or someone close to you whose advice you trust. But also remember that involving too many people can leave you feeling confused!
  • Allow enough time for the boutique to order the gown for you (6-9 months) or for your designer to make the gown for you (3-6 months).

Dress styles and silhouette

  • Silhouettes

  • Ballgown

The fairytale or princess dress, with a fitted bodice, flares at the waist with a full skirt. This style is good for most body types but not ideal for petites as the large skirt can be overwhelming on a small frame.

  • A-line

Fitted bodice through the waist and flows out to the ground, resembling the outline of an uppercase “A.” Ideal for all body types.

  • Modified A-line

Fitted on the bodice and hips and gradually flares to the hem, forming an “A” shape. The skirt of a modified A-line dress fits closer to the body than a traditional A-line. Ideal for all body types.

  • Trumpet

Fitted through the body and flares mid-thigh. The cut is a combination of a modified A-line and a mermaid cut. It accentuates the stomach and hip area so it is ideal for frames with small waists, such as the hourglass and petite body types.

  • Mermaid

Fitted on the body from the chest to the knee, then flares out close to the knee. Ideal for slender frames and hourglass body types who are willing to show off their curves.

  • Sheath

Narrow shape that flows straight down from the neckline to the hem. Ideal for lean frames or hourglasses who are willing to show off their curves.

  • Tea-length

Skirt falls in between the ankle and the knee. Ideal for all body types.

  • Mini

Skirt falls above the knee and is a good style for a bride wanting to show off her legs, or who is having a fun, casual party wedding.

This wedding advice was brought to you by the Nicolette Weddings New York City Wedding Planner Team. For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

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New York Wedding Planner Advice: Our Top 12 Tips for Choosing Your New York City Wedding Venue

As New York City wedding planners we are often approached by newly engaged couples who are wanting to plan their NYC wedding. The first step in planning a wedding is often the venue selection and it is is one of the biggest items to tick off the list right at the start because many of the next planning steps flow on from your venue choice. We’ve put together a few of our top tips for choosing your New York City wedding venue:

  1. Set aside time to go venue hunting. In most cases you will need to make appointments for your visits. Also make sure the venue manager will be there to show you the facilities and answer your questions.
  2. Know the questions you’ll need answered and take these along with you. These might include things like the venue’s capacity, its facilities for a ceremony and reception on site, available accommodation, whether they have an in-house caterer, can you bring in your own alcohol, closing time etc. It can save you a lot of time and effort if you email your questions and requirements to the venue before visiting so that you can get an idea of whether the venue is suitable for the event before taking time out to do a venue visit.
  3. Keep a range of date options available so that you don’t have to miss out on a venue you love because the date is already booked out. Sometimes having the option of out of season dates or weekdays will help you to secure better rates.
  4. Choose a venue that will complement the type of wedding, time of day and theme you have in mind.
  5. Also bear in mind the distance between your ceremony and reception venues if these are two different locations. Travelling far distances in the New York City traffic could have a significant logistical impact on the timeline for the day.
  6. Get a full understanding of what is included in the venue hiring costs. Often the venue cost may exclude use of glassware, cutlery, crockery, furniture, staff, bar, lighting and accommodation.
  7. Understand the venue rules and restrictions.
  8. When will you have access to the venue for setup? Many venues charge extra for setup the day before the event.
  9. Find out whether the venue has a full kitchen setup and in-house chef or whether you would need to hire in equipment and a caterer of your own.
  10. If you are planning an outdoor wedding it is vital to find out whether the venue has a suitable backup plan for bad weather.
  11. When choosing a location that is not geared specifically to weddings/large functions (e.g. a garden, a blank space/studio, Central Park), consider that there will be extra elements that you will need to arrange, and potential restrictions pertaining to public spaces. These might include hiring of a marquee/tent, flooring, bar, all furniture, glassware, crockery, cutlery, linen, toilets, generators, lighting, staffing – and each of these individual elements comes at its own cost. If you are going this route then it’s definitely advisable to involve a New York City wedding planner to assist you with logistics and planning. While this sort of venue choice does require more effort, don’t be scared to go this route to create something really special and memorable.
  12. Think outside of the box – restaurants, botanical gardens, libraries – an unconventional space might be your ultimate wedding venue, especially if you are planning a New York City wedding. Get a feel for the space and look out for opportunities to utilise it in unique ways.

Loved these tips? Check out our previous blogs below where we listed some of our favourite New York City wedding locations and spots to get ready.

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New York Wedding Planner Advice: Our Top 10 Wedding Day Tips

As New York wedding planners we know just how much time, effort and attention to detail goes into the build up to your wedding day. But we also know that there are a few important things to remember on your wedding day and we’ve summed up our top 10 wedding day tips here:

  1. Be organised

Have everything organised before the big day so that all you need to do is get yourself dressed and show up. Your wedding morning should be a special time spent relaxing and getting ready for the big moments ahead. Don’t leave important and stressful tasks to the day of. Put together a day-of itinerary for your bridal party so that they know times and locations of where they should be.

  1. Eat breakfast

Make sure to order or organise breakfast for the morning of your wedding. It will be a long day filled with nerves and excitement and you don’t want to have an empty stomach. It will probably be quite some time before you manage to eat something and you’ll need the energy to sustain you through the day.

  1. Stay hydrated

Similarly, make sure to sip on water throughout the day to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated. Don’t overdo the bubbly in the build up to the ceremony as it might give you red eyes and dehydrate you – you don’t want a headache today! Give someone (perhaps one of the groomsmen) the task of having a bottle of water nearby at the ceremony. With all of the nerves, the bride and groom are often left feeling parched after the “I-dos.”

  1. Have someone check in with all vendors

Make sure that your wedding coordinator or a designated person is at the venue to make sure everything’s running smoothly and as planned. This person should have the contact details, arrival time, setup schedule and any instructions for the vendors in their possession so that they don’t have to contact the bride on the morning of the wedding.

  1. Instructions for hair and makeup

Check with your beauty team what their instructions are for the big day. Some prefer you arrive with clean and dry hair, others prefer damp hair and most prefer everyone to arrive with no makeup on. Make sure you all have dressing gowns or shirts that open at the front so that you can get dressed easily without spoiling your hair and makeup.

  1. Pack an emergency kit

Pack a small bag with some emergency items that you can give to your photographer or maid of honor to have on hand. Include bobby pins, tissues, hairspray, lipstick, hemming tape, wipes, a shawl, umbrella and anything else you may need. Hello Mary Poppins!

  1. Drop off your wedding night luggage

Ask somebody to drop off your luggage at the venue where you’ll be spending the night so that you don’t have to drive around on the morning of.

  1. Transport

Make sure all transport is arranged before the day, that you have the driver’s contact details and that they have clear instructions of pick up times and locations. Let the wedding coordinator know when you are en route to the ceremony. Also make sure that you and your bridal party all have organised transport home from the wedding.

  1. Personal touches

You may want to write a personal note for important people like your groom, parents and bridesmaids and give it to them to read on the morning of the big day. It’s a lovely way to show your gratitude for all they’ve done for you, and to tell them what they mean to you.

  1. Enjoy every moment!

You’ve heard it before – it goes by so fast! Relax and savor every moment of your wedding day and make the best memories.

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New York Wedding Planner Advice: Why you Should Hire a Wedding Planner

So… he’s popped the question and you’re engaged! Congratulations and welcome to a very exciting time in life as you plan to celebrate your big day and the start of your married life together. While the wedding planning process is certainly fun, it can be stressful too. This is especially true if you are a planning a New York City wedding, which typically has many moving parts. Not to worry though… these New York City wedding planners are here to save (plan!) the day!

We are often asked what the role of a wedding planner is and why an engaged couple should hire one. So we thought we’d share some of our top reasons to hire a wedding planner here:

  1. A wedding planner is there to guide the couple and reduce the stress of the entire planning process. Wedding planners offer many levels of service from full planning to day-of planning so, depending on your personal needs, you will receive different levels of involvement in your planning process.
  2. Wedding planners work with a network of reliable wedding vendors. There are SO many options for you to choose from and a wedding planner can help to narrow down the options by recommending only the most reputable, tried-and-tested vendors that will suit your budget and your creative vision for the day. They will also liaise directly with the vendors to make arrangements, saving the bridal couple hours of emailing and admin.
  3. A wedding planner will make sure to book the most important vendors in the correct order and as early as possible, making sure that you get access to the best and widest choice of vendors so that you don’t miss out on the service provider that you really want.
  4. A wedding planner is experienced in building a realistic timeline for the wedding day. They take into consideration all the factors that take up time (New York City traffic, photographs, hair and makeup etc.) and advise on the best flow for the day.
  5. Wedding planners pay attention to all the finer details that can easily be overlooked or forgotten by the couple in the build-up to the wedding day. Forgot to order confetti for the ceremony? Don’t worry… we remembered!
  6. Your wedding planner is present on the big day to coordinate everything from venue setup to the order of events. This means that the bridal couple and their friends and family can just relax and enjoy the day without being responsible for any event coordination.

For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

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New York Wedding Planner Event: The New York Bridal Lounge Experience at at Hotel 48LEX

Last month, our New York wedding planner team at Nicolette Weddings had the honor of co-hosting a bridal lounge experience at one of our favorite NYC venues, the upmarket Hotel 48LEX in Manhattan’s Midtown East.

This sophisticated boutique hotel plays the perfect host to New York weddings, with its impressive event space and its penthouse terrace. The idea of this event was to showcase a curated wedding experience in the hotel’s spaces, using amazing vendors to achieve a beautiful New York wedding setup.

The event was a great success – it really did showcase the art of the possible when choosing this versatile, modern venue as your wedding location, and Nicolette Weddings as your New York wedding planners.

Together with creative vendors we set up a ceremony space on the penthouse terrace overlooking midtown Manhattan, and a dinner in the event space on the second floor. There were fabulous brides and industry colleagues in attendance to enjoy drinks and canapes and to mingle with New York’s finest wedding vendors as part of this exclusive celebration.

The penthouse ceremony setup had a romantic-urban feeling, with gold Tiffany chairs from Party Rentals LTD and soft florals by Erganic Design adorning a stunning arch by Two of a Kind, all set against the city skyline.

A highlight was the dinner set up, created with a sleek modern chic look using white marble base plates, a collection of assorted gold rimmed cut crystal wine glasses, gold and white cutlery, as well as gold and black candle sticks to go with our modern metallic theme. The modern white tulips were in silver vases to further compliment the theme. The dinnerware rentals were by Borrowed Blu and florals were by Horticultural Creations.

As New York wedding planners we always recommend using beautiful stationery to bring a theme to life, and this event’s stunning, modern stationery was by My Darlin’ BK.

It’s only a great celebration with good food, wine and music and we had the best of all of these. We enjoyed delicious catering by Lexington Brass, a wine bar by Bedell Cellars and live music by Elan Artists.

Our New York wedding planner team at Nicolette Weddings would like to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in making this event such a great success!

For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

Until next time,
The Nicolette Weddings Team
New York City Wedding Planners

New York Wedding Planner Interview: Rachel Urban

This year has been extra exciting for Nicolette Weddings as we’ve opened up an office in the energetic hub of New York City. We’ve started planning NYC weddings in style with our lovely New York wedding planner, Rachel, who is directing the Nicolette Weddings New York office. Here we share an intro to Rachel so that you can get to know more about our New York wedding planner.

Hi Rachel. Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your experience.

Every wedding planner that I know has a very unique tale to tell because unlike many other careers, wedding planning isn’t an exact science. There’s no college major that teaches you the right and wrong ways to do it. My dream has always been to travel, be happy every day, and pursue a career that makes myself and others happy. Living in New York City and being a wedding planner is fulfilling that dream.

During my first visit to New York, I fell in love as every young girl does and knew this was where I needed to be! Two months after this first (and very touristy) visit to the city, I decided to make the move from Texas without a job and see what I could accomplish. I was young and living in the most exciting city on earth and I was feeling empowered and high on life! The city wasn’t always filled with flashing lights in Times Square and high heels but rather long work days and long commutes but this start to my career was an important factor in shaping my work life and building character.

I knew that I loved the event industry and since I was already here, I assumed I might as well go for the job I really wanted! I have been very fortunate to work with the top wedding planners at the most iconic venues in New York City. I have worked weddings at venues including The Plaza Hotel, The Rainbow Room at The Rockefeller Center,  Central Park Zoo, Central Park Boathouse, Battery Gardens, The Foundry LIC, Ellis Island and more.

Growing from an Event Assistant to an Event Coordinator and now directing the Nicolette Weddings New York office feels like a very rewarding step in the right direction!

How did you link up with Nicolette Weddings?

After working most every weekend during my first two years in New York, I decided I was ready to travel and explore destination weddings around the world. I quickly came across Nicolette Weddings as the number one wedding planner in South Africa. After contacting Nicci, it was clear that we had similar interests and backgrounds. She had lived in New York City and always dreamed of opening a branch of Nicolette Weddings back in New York. She was also willing to show me how she runs weddings in South Africa. We were both immediately ecstatic about this new connection and partnership and we hit the ground running trying to build the brand here in the States.

In your opinion as a New York wedding planner, what are the top 5 venues for a NYC wedding right now?

I would say some of the favorites, in no particular order are:

  • The Rainbow Room
  • The Bowery Hotel
  • 620 Loft and Garden
  • The Foundry
  • The Plaza Hotel

What are your favorite aspects of the job?

I love sending a bride down the aisle. It sounds cheesy but after months of late night emails, floor plans, analyzing florals and candles and music… the moment when the music changes, we fluff her dress, everyone stands, and the bride walks down the aisle and marries her new husband is really the point of it all, and the rest is just a fun and beautiful party! I love seeing everyone sharing that core moment.

What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?

 Wedding planners offer many levels of service from full planning to day of planning so depending on your personal needs, you will receive different levels of involvement in your planning process.

In New York, weddings can be stressful because there are typically a lot of moving parts. A planner should do an exceptional job of relieving this stress by recommending and/or booking the right vendors, helping you stay within your budget and design vision, building a realistic timeline based on our experience with New York traffic, photos, the time it takes to do hair and makeup, etc., and carrying out your wedding day without a hitch.

Besides planning beautiful weddings, what do you do for fun?

I’m very fortunate to live in a place where every single day is different and I really enjoy making the most of that. When I first moved to New York I only had one friend and we spent weeks just strolling the city and stumbling upon new restaurants, rooftops, parks, etc. I think that has really stuck with me no matter how busy I get. My escape is just getting lost my own city with no set plan or destination. That hasn’t let me down yet.

For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

Until next time,
The Nicolette Weddings Team
New York City Wedding Planners

New York Wedding Planner Advice: What’s Your Bridal Style?

As New York City wedding planners we are often faced with newly engaged brides-to-be who approach us at the beginning of their wedding planning journey with big ideas, Pinterest boards filled with hundreds of pins, and overwhelmed minds. There really is a lot of wedding inspiration out there, and it can be challenging to narrow down just the few special elements that define your unique style.

So today we thought we’d share a New York wedding planner tip that we use right at the start of any wedding journey: defining your bridal style.

Before you start to plan the big day have a think about your go-to style as a bride and as a couple. If you can identify your style it makes the task of planning a cohesive wedding so much easier from the very start. Define the style that sums you up, make a moodboard which only has elements that are true to that style. Keep it front of mind when communicating with your wedding planner and wedding vendors. Do this and your unique vision will come to life on the big day!

Here are some examples of bridal styles to guide you:


The classic bride likes a simple gown that will be fuss-free, clean cut and timeless. She chooses a minimalistic color palette for her wedding, often going for the classic all-white wedding.


A bold bride takes her inspiration from current trends and isn’t afraid to make a statement. Wedding details are dramatic, striking and fashionable – with a guaranteed wow factor!



The elegant bride’s wedding dress code will be black tie. Her style is smart and sophisticated and her decor choices are fancy. Think diamonds, tuxedos, ball gowns and a sophisticated hotel venue.


The romantic bride has been dreaming of her wedding day since she was a girl. Her choices for the wedding day are feminine and soft and she embraces the pinks and peaches, choosing romantic roses as her centerpiece.


The bohemian bride is natural and eclectic, embracing a casual wedding set up outdoors in a forest, or barefoot on the beach.

We’d love to help you discover your wedding day style and plan your ultimate New York City wedding. For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

Until next time,
The Nicolette Weddings Team
New York City Wedding Planners

New York Wedding Planner Event with Hotel 48 Lex

Come and Experience the Bridal Lounge Event at Hotel 48LEX with Nicolette Weddings

An exclusive bridal gathering: Thursday May 18th, 6-9pm, Hotel 48LEX

As New York wedding planners, we at Nicolette Weddings are always on the search for beautiful event spaces and excellent NYC wedding vendors to help bring our weddings to life.

This month we have the honor of co-hosting a bridal lounge experience at one of our favorite city venues, the upmarket Hotel 48LEX in Manhattan’s Midtown East. This sophisticated boutique hotel plays the perfect host to New York weddings, with its impressive event space and its penthouse terrace, both available for weddings.

As part of the Bridal Lounge Experience, Nicolette Weddings will bring together a group of carefully curated wedding vendors to set up a wedding experience in Hotel 48LEX’s stunning event spaces. The event will showcase the art of the possible when choosing this versatile, modern venue as your wedding location, and Nicolette Weddings as your New York wedding planners.

Come and enjoy cocktails and canapes and mingle with New York’s finest wedding vendors as part of this exclusive celebration.

When              Thursday, May 18th, 6-9pm

Where             Hotel 48LEX | 517 Lexington Avenue | Second Floor & Penthouse Level


Please RSVP by May 16th to to secure your spot. The event is free of charge and open to the public, but space is limited so booking is necessary.

We’ll see you at the bubbly bar and at the dessert table, feeling inspired and enjoying all of the delicious decadence that Hotel 48LEX has to offer!

Until next time,
The Nicolette Weddings Team
New York City Wedding Planners


New York Wedding Planner Advice: Bridal Party Duties

Maid of Honor and Best Man: Your Roles & Responsibilities

You may recently have been appointed as your bestie’s maid of honor or your bro’s best man, and you’re excited! This wonderful honor makes you a central part of their special day and means that you have a few important responsibilities to carry out to ensure that the bride and groom enjoy a worry-free wedding day.

As New York wedding planners we are often asked exactly what role the maid of hoor and best man, and we thought we’d give you some quick guidelines here. Remember, each wedding is different, and each bridal couple may expect something different from their bridal parties, but these guidelines are a great place to start.

The Maid of Honor (MOH)

As the MOH you have a super important job – to keep the bride smiling! You are the bride’s right hand lady, supporting her emotionally and logistically through the planning process and on the big day.

Some of your tasks:

  • Lend an ear and help the bride wherever she needs assistance with the planning process. This could be anything from booking dress fitting appointments to helping her to select decor elements
  • Lead and coordinate the bridesmaids. This includes liaising with the bride to organise the bridesmaid outfits and accessories
  • Organising the bridal shower and/or bachelorette party along with the bridesmaids.
  • Keep track of gifts received at pre-wedding parties
  • Help address and send wedding invites and wedding favors
  • Help decorate the reception venue
  • Distribute bouquets and corsages to the full wedding party
  • Help the bride get ready on the day
  • Help the bride with her train, veil and bouquet throughout the day
  • Hold the groom’s ring during the ceremony
  • Sign the wedding register as a witness if necessary
  • Take part in some of the wedding photos
  • Make sure the bride has something to eat on the day – a nice idea is to make sure that a plate of canapes is kept for the couple if they are away having photos taken during canape hour
  • Dance with the best man during the first dance
  • Toast the couple during the formalities
  • Help the bride to pack for her honeymoon and look after her gifts and wedding dress while she’s away on honeymoon if she leaves directly from the wedding
  • Optional, but thoughtful: get the bride a small gift and give it to her on the morning of the wedding to wish her well for the big day ahead

The Best Man

Being the best man means you have some very important responsibilities in the lead up, but particularly on the big day itself.

Besides offering the groom your moral support throughout the lead up and on the day, you will need to:

  • Help the groom to choose his suit and organise the suits for yourself and the groomsmen
  • Lead and coordinate the tasks of the groomsmen
  • Organise the bachelor party together with the groomsmen
  • Organise the wedding day transportation
  • Help with setup of the reception if necessary
  • Optional, but thoughtful: get the groom a small gift and give it to him on the morning of the wedding to wish him well for the big day ahead
  • Help the groom get dressed and get him to the ceremony ahead of time
  • Greet guests as they arrive for the ceremony
  • Stand with the groom at the altar
  • Have a bottle of water on hand at the ceremony for the thirsty and nervous groom
  • Hold the bride’s ring during the ceremony before the rings are exchanged (make sure there are no holes in your pockets!)
  • Dance the first dance with the maid of honor
  • Do the best man’s speech and toast the couple
  • Together with the MOH make sure all wedding gifts are delivered from the venue to the couple
  • Return the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits the day after the wedding (if rented)

As New York York City wedding planners we have experienced what a difference it can make to the wedding day when the MOH and best man are committed to their roles and are eager to make everything extra special for the bridal couple. Thank you for the hard work, you guys rock!

For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

Until next time,
The Nicolette Weddings Team
New York City Wedding Planners

New York Wedding Planner Advice: Our Top 8 Spots to get Ready for a New York City Wedding

If you are a bride planning a New York City wedding you’ll be wanting to take advantage of the phenomenal locations available for you to get ready for your big day. There are so many hotels in the city that offer up the most exquisite spaces for pre-wedding bridal portraits, and as New York City wedding planners we are often asked for recommendations. We’ve put together a list of our favorite “bridal nest” locations – catering for every type of New York City bride.

New York City wedding planner inside tip: save on travel time and tricky logistics. If you get the right room with a terrace they make for great photos without too much moving around in city traffic!

 1. Hotel 48Lex
Midtown, Manhattan

Conveniently situated in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood, Hotel 48LEX offers a sophisticated guesthouse experience in the atmosphere of a residentially styled, upscale boutique hotel. We take inspiration from the privilege of being your host, whether it’s for a week or just the day, and pride ourselves on providing a refined, yet relaxed, stay.

High-style accommodations, signature amenities and thoughtful guest services combine to create an effortless and personalized experience. Refined art, exemplary elegance, craft cocktails and more provide an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication. World class luxury awaits at Hotel 48LEX.

 2. William Vale
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you are a modern bride planning a Brooklyn wedding then this is the location for you. The William Vale is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Williamsburg and it is the ultimate in modern, urban luxury. The rooms have contemporary, stylish furnishings,  feature floor-to-ceiling windows, open-air balconies, and stunning views of New York City and its boroughs for a unique hotel experience you won’t find anywhere else. The hotel can be booked for weddings and has a dedicated bridal suite for the bride and her bridal party.

 3. Bowery Hotel
Lower East Side, NY

The Bowery Hotel offers a New York experience that is sophisticated and stylish. Their sun drenched rooms have floor to ceiling industrial style windows that allow for remarkable city views and a loft design that embodies luxury New York living. The rooms have hardwood floors, plush velvet drapes and inspiring marble bathrooms with antique brass fittings – what lovely luxury! This is the place for the sophisticated New York bride.

 4. Wythe Hotel
Williamsburg waterfront, Brooklyn

The Wythe Hotel is a charming sanctuary at the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn. It was an old barrel factory that has been redone into the hotel and a cultural hub displaying artworks. In the rooms you will find original historic industrial detailing, reclaimed wood and exposed brick walls and views of the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhood or postcard views of the Manhattan skyline through arched windows. This is for the cultural Brooklyn bride.

 5. The Standard Highline
Meatpacking District, NY

Rising above a former elevated train line that has become downtown’s favorite public park, The Standard High Line is located in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Every one of the rooms features a full wall of floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of Manhattan and/or the mighty Hudson River. This is for the modern New York City bride looking for something cool and contemporary.

 6. The Plaza
Fifth Avenue at Central Park, NY

The Plaza is of course, an iconic city location. All rooms are grand – timelessly elegant and extremely spacious, including a sitting area, sumptuous bedding with the finest fabrics, and oversized bathrooms with mosaic floors and 24-carat gold plated fixtures. Expect heritage touches and traditional finishes. For something extra special check out their legendary one of a kind suites – each of which is completely unique in design having been fashioned around a theme inspired by the iconic history of The Plaza.

This is for the traditional New York bride looking for something opulent, lavish and luxurious.

 7. Nu Hotel Brooklyn

This is the original boutique hotel of Brooklyn and it channels Brooklyn’s distinct personality, drawing inspiration from the creative energy of the borough’s thriving art scene and the urban dynamism that defines the neighborhood. The Nu Hotel Brooklyn has a modern, minimalist design featuring street art from local artists on the wall behind each bed. This is great for a dynamic bride with spirit and character!

 8. Crosby Street Hotel
SoHo, NY

Crosby Street Hotel is situated on a quiet cobbled street in the heart of New York’s vibrant SoHo neighborhood. This is the perfect place for the fun and trendy New York bride to get ready. Every room is different and full of character. Make sure to get a pic of your dress hanging on the headboard.

For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

Until next time,
The Nicolette Weddings Team
New York City Wedding Planners


New York Wedding Planner Advice: Our Top 8 Spots for New York City Wedding Photos

As New York City wedding planners we are often asked to recommend our favorite spots in the city that offer the best backdrops for wedding photographs. So we’ve put together a list of some of the most photo-worthy locations in the city, ranging from iconic NYC to local insider favorites

 1. Central Park Conservatory Garden

Spring and summer brides – you are in for a treat with this spectacular spot! One of our all time favorites, the Conservatory Garden in Central Park is the ideal location for capturing your wedding shots. It’s the only formal garden in Central Park and is free from cyclists and runners, giving it a serene atmosphere. The Garden is made up of six acres of beautiful seasonal plants arranged into three different styles – French, Italian and English. Imagine strolling through gardens bursting with tulips and lined by magnolia trees, pausing to admire large water fountains and statues and enjoying a moment of quiet underneath a beautiful wisteria pergola. Swoon!

 2. The Bridges of Central Park

If you are looking for an iconic backdrop for your New York wedding it’s hard to beat the beautiful bridges of Central Park. Here are a couple of our favorites:
Bow Bridge: Named for its graceful shape, spans the Lake, linking Cherry Hill and the woodlands of the Ramble. It’s the park’s longest bridge in the park and one of its most photographed landmarks.
The Gapstow Bridge, a beautiful stone arch covered with leaves in summer and snow in winter, so it’s truly beautiful in any season.This lovely bridge is in the southeast corner of the park, carrying a pathway across the northern edge of the pond and offering one of the best views of the New York City skyline.

 3. The tree lined streets of the West Village

If you are looking for old school charm then the cobblestone streets of the West Village are the place to be. Almost unchanged since the 19th century, the quaint brownstone buildings and tree-lined sidewalks are the perfect setting for a scenic stroll with your new spouse. The layout of this area can be a little confusing so we recommend heading straight to Barrow Street to save time.

 4. East Village Graffiti

For the fun-loving New York wedding couple looking for an upbeat, urban photo opportunity, the graffiti in the East Village serves as the perfect backdrop. Tip: look out for the love-themed graffiti walls – we love these ones bursting with brightly colored hearts!

 5. Top of the Rock views

If you want sweeping 360 degree views of Central Park and the city’s skyscrapers, then up you go to the Top of the Rock viewing deck. The vistas are one of a kind and guaranteed to take your breath away. You’ll get an impressive, unobstructed profile of the Empire State Building from up here.

 6. The High Line

The elevated public park built on a disused section of railway on Manhattan’s West Side is the ideal unique spot for a chic, modern, urban New York wedding couple. Your pictures will have a contemporary backdrop of brick and concrete, with elevated views into the city streets and golden sunsets to highlight the occasion. Spectacular!

 7. Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty

Head to the southernmost tip of the island to the viewing points at Battery Park if you’d like photos next to the water’s edge, with a good view of the Statue of Liberty in the background.

 8. Brooklyn Bridge Park

If you are looking for the iconic Brooklyn Bridge backdrop then head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park on the Brooklyn side of the East River. NYC wedding planner tip: now that the nerves of the ceremony have passed, fuel yourselves with a quick ice cream cone or a true Brooklyn style lobster roll from one of the Brooklyn Park’s food vendors.

The options are endless in the city that never sleeps – we hope you enjoyed our New York City wedding planner tips for the perfect photo backdrops! For more information on our New York wedding planner team, please contact us by clicking here.

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