Cape Town Wedding Planner Team Welcomes New Intern

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We are very excited to welcome a fabulous new member to our Cape Town wedding planner team at the Nicolette Weddings office, and we’re already having a blast with Nora, the breath of fresh air that we’re training, and teaching about all the ingredients to a spectacularly beautiful, and fantastically co-ordinated wedding.

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We thought we’d introduce Nora to you with a little interview to find out more about our newest addition.

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1.      Where are you from and what brought you to Cape Town?

 I’m originally from Freiburg, Germany, a beautiful city near The Black Forest. I first came to Cape Town in 2011, where I fell in love with the city and guess what… with a man. After my 5 month stay I went back to Germany to pack my stuff and make a permanent move to Cape Town. And here I am now, loving Capetonean life : – )

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2.   Why did you choose Wedding planning?

 Firstly I am German, which means nature gave us the gift of being very organised, to the point of perfectionism… Secondly I love beautiful things, from decoration to events. There’s nothing better for me than seeing a perfectly and beautifully planned event where people are enjoying themselves.

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 3.      What is your previous experience?

Before Nicolette Weddings I was working for a Décor and Styling Company doing the decoration for several events.

 4.      Could you describe your own Dream Wedding?

My dream wedding…hmmm….I love Flowers, candles, nature, summer… So it would definitely be in summer when the nights are warm. Somewhere, in a garden, surrounded by trees and different types of flowers and romantic lighting. The décor would be romantic but still classic and not too busy. All over I hope it’s going to be GOOD food, some Schnapps, Love and lots of fun!

5.      Why did you choose Nicolette Weddings for your Internship?

I want to get more experience in the actual planning of a wedding. And I found that Nicolette Weddings make a very professional impression. Their work looks sophisticated and elegant. No matter on what platform I went to it always took me back to Nicolette Weddings.

6.      What is your impression of Nicolette Weddings so far?

The Nicolette Weddings team is very professional and well organised, Nicci is probably the first person I have ever met who is more organised than any German I know.

You can definitely see why the company is so successful as there’s a lot of (good) work behind it. I really appreciate the fact that Nicolette took me as an Intern. I know she’s going to be an excellent mentor.

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7. What are your hobbies?

I’m a big fan of good movies, there’s nothing better than spending a rainy Sunday on your couch watching a good movie. I also love going for a drive seeing exploring all those beautiful parts of Cape Town.

8.   What couldn’t you live life without?

Food. GOOD food! You want to be my friend? You’ll definitely have me on your side if you know how to cook. And coffee, I am an absolute coffee addict!

9.   What are your weaknesses?

I am probably too honest and impatient but I’m working on that one : – ) And DOGS, I love dogs. I can’t say no to those lovely creatures.

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10. What are your Goals for the future?

I would like to pursue a career in wedding planning and co-ordination.

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Well that’s all for now and we’ll let Nora get back to possibly the best job on earth, wedding planning!

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