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Last Friday afternoon, the wedding planner team at the Nicolette Weddings office in Cape Town ended our very busy week by being spoilt with a visit from The Oyster King, along with his side-kick, The Bubbly Queen, who came to meet with us to tell us about their exciting and unique wedding service. The Oyster King, or Thomas Dreyfus as he is otherwise known, also brought along some bubbly and oysters to treat us with the true Oyster King experience as he told us more about his business. I couldn’t possibly think of a better way for us to have ended our week!

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Before Thomas cracked the bubbly, he put his wedding oyster-chucking attire on to give us an idea of what you’d see at your wedding, and wow! In addition to his leather and metal getup resembling something that would make Anastasia Steele blush, it’s a pretty nifty outfit, equipped with everything you’d need to serve and enjoy fresh, mouthwatering oysters such a steel bucket to carry the oysters, tools for shucking them, as well as a lemon and lemon squeezer, a pepper grinder and a bottle of Tabasco. The suit was even kitted with a supply of napkins for after you’ve enjoyed your oystery delight! Definitely an interesting and unique look, and a great point of interest and intrigue for your wedding guests.

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We were so impressed that attention to detail had even gone into The Bubbly Queen’s outfit whose clothes were chosen for their classy and elegant look, and jewellery designed to resemble the colours and the bubbles found in the bubbly that she serves to wedding guests.

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Right! It was time to get down to business! And by that I mean bubbly and oyster tasting of course. . . While Sky enjoyed her bubbly, Nicci was excitedly watching The Oyster King schuck the first oyster of the day.

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After displaying a beautiful, fresh oyster, Nicci requested the lemon, pepper and Tabasco trio and enjoyed the show:

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It was worth the wait! Those oysters were just too delicious for words and we could definitely believe Thomas when he told us that all the oysters they serve have only been out of the ocean for less than two hours, that’s about as fresh as you get! Now that we’d had our oyster fix, we were ready to learn more about The Oyster King as we sipped on our delicious bubbly.

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We learnt that The Oyster King was founded 3 years ago when Thomas thought of the fantastic concept of an interesting and interactive oyster schucker to mingle amongst guests at functions and events to serve them oysters while talking to them and educating them about this luxurious seafood and it’s history and even it’s aphrodisiac qualities. We thought this was the perfect way to keep your guests amused and occupied during cocktail and canape hour while you’re  busy on your couple’s photo shoot. Thomas also told us how his oysters are always fresh out the water and come from Saldanha, which is widely acknowledged for offering the tastiest oysters around. We were even more impressed to learn that after after The Bubbly Queen had been brought on board, others such as The Cake Pop Queen, The Macaroon Queen, and The Biltong Queen also came to the party, so we now have a fantastic selection of interesting and treat bearing friends to invite to your big day!

We’d love to thank The Oyster King and The Bubbly Queen for visiting us and sharing your journey, while treating us to some delicious bubbly and oysters – we’d welcome you back anytime and in the meantime, we’ll definitely be seeing you at our lucky clients’ weddings in the future!

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