Cape Town Wedding Planner Report: Our Ozone Treatment Experience

Cape Town Wedding Planner Report: Our Ozone Treatment Experience

As a Cape Town wedding planner, we see how brides will sometimes try just about anything to ensure they look and feel their best at their big Cape Town wedding.

Some brides gym excessively in the lead up to their big day, some go on detox diets, some experiment with spray tans to find the right shade in advance, and some try new creams and lotions, all to make sure they are the best versions of themselves when they walk down the aisle.

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Well, your trusted Cape Town wedding planner team has made this a little easier for our brides as we were recently invited to enjoy the Ozone Sauna Treatment at The Skin Aesthetics Clinic in Constantia. Our Senior Cape Town Wedding Planner and On-the-Day Co-ordinator, Rebecca was only too happy to visit for a treatment, and report back on her experience.

The Skin Aesthetics Clinic has been running for three and a half years, and is situated at High Constantia, just outside of one of our favourite Cape Town wedding venues, Groot Constantia, and has ample parking for visitors. The clinic offers a range of services such as mani’s, pedi’s, waxing, laser hair removal, skin laser genesis and massage, as well as a resident Clinical Nutritionist which I imagine would also be useful to brides wanting to eat healthy and eat smart in the lead up to their big day.

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We asked Kelli Futter, who runs the Ozone Treatment at the Clinic to explain more about what it is exactly and she told us that Transdermal Ozone Treatment restores the body’s natural balance, allowing it to heal itself, by combining the beneficial oxygenation and detoxification effects of both ozone and steam.  Kelli has also found the treatments to be highly effective for skin rejuvenation and has had several brides come to rely on Ozone for the rectification of problem skin, breakouts, etc. that can occur during the sometimes stressful Bridal Planning Period. Ozone Sauna Treatments leave the skin with that proverbial glow and are both affordable and relaxing. An added benefit of Ozone Sauna Therapy is the Weight Loss which comes hand-in-hand with a boosted metabolism.

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Rebecca found the clinic to be elegant and tranquil, and said that the environment offers a sense of peace and relaxation, which any Cape Town wedding planner will tell you is just the kind of environment brides should in, in the lead up to their big day.

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Rebecca reported on her experience and says that the treatment capsule looked like a large cocoon filled with smoke. It opens up to what looks like a spaceship, but once you sit down inside the capsule it closes around you (leaving your head sticking out of the top) and is filled with the warmth of steam. It is also very spacious so the feeling of claustrophobia is completely eliminated. She also said that the experience itself was very relaxing and soothing, and that the temperature could be adjusted if you were feeling too hot or too cold, which allowed great flexibility within the treatment, and that it is definitely something that she would like to do again.

Afterwards, Rebecca said she felt very calm and tranquil, yet ready to face the day; “The long-term effects are more prominent after at least 5 sessions but my skin definitely felt more soft and supple.”

Please contact Kelli for more information on the Ozone Sauna Treatment.

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Contact person: For Ozone bookings contact Kelli
Phone number: 079 097 1417
Email address:

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