Wedding Planner’s Road Trip

Every now and then, us wedding planners make some time to venture out of the office. We emerge from our cave, like wedding planner warriors, and brave the sunny world outside, otherwise known as Cape Town.

On this particular occasion, the Nicolette Weddings team embarked on a road trip to visit the venue of a wedding we are busy planning; Old Mac Daddy in Elgin Valley. There, we are planning the wedding of a very lovely bride who will be visiting from overseas to tie the knot in November. To design the concept for the wedding’s look and feel, and to decide on said bride’s flowers and decor for her big day, we got in the car, took some pictures and had some fun! Here I will briefly take you through our journey:

Shortly after our journey had just begun, we drove past a pretty lake on our way to the venue, and I for one am quite impressed that my camera’s shutter speed was a match for my driver’s race car antics down Cape Town’s N2 highway.


When we got closer to our venue, we then contemplated stealing some delicious looking apples from a lovely young farmer along the way:

Cape Town Wedding Planner (1)

But we fought the temptation and continued forward to find our beautiful venue! We were ready for business!

Cape Town Wedding Planner (2)

Oh but if only it weren’t for those tempting apple trees we found! Oh how beautiful they were!

Cape Town Wedding Planner (3)

Cape Town Wedding Planner (4)

Thankfully, I’m happy to report that we pulled ourselves together, didn’t pinch any fruit items and were not thrown off the venue before we’d had a chance to view it properly.

As soon as we’d arrived and gotten out the car, the first thing that struck me was the fresh smell of pine in the air and the beautiful, but calming stillness that the venue just exudes. We had to remind ourselves that we were wedding planners on a mission so we took a tour around the venue and found the private ceremony area with it’s well-manicured lawn and stunning array of flora marking the perimeter.

Cape Town Wedding Planner (5)

But wait! What’s that? A little gap in the bushes around the ceremony area led us to discover a quiet, sun-lit path:

Cape Town Wedding Planner (6)

That path led us to what could possibly be the most beautiful wedding ceremony site we’ve ever seen; that being the deck overlooking a big blue lake:

Cape Town Wedding Planner (7)

The lake was full of intriguing mysteries to look at and photograph, and on such a still day, we could see right to the bottom.

Cape Town Wedding Planner (8)

I then had an over-ambitious, budding photographer moment and took this “deep and meaningful” shot of some wood over the lake:

Cape Town Wedding Planner (9)

We then noticed the amazing silver bullet trailers that had been planted on the mountain side, overlooking the lake. Those are actually trailers behing those bushes! Just amazing!

Cape Town Wedding Planner (11)

Cape Town Wedding Planner (12)

After all the beauty and fresh air had gotten to our heads, we then went a little crazy. This is what happens when you let a wedding planner out of the office after all!

Cape Town Wedding Planner (14)

Cape Town Wedding Planner (13)

Right! Enough messing about, it was time to inspect the reception venue and I just have to share this funky front desk made out of hay bales, at the entrance to the building:

Cape Town Wedding Planner (15)

The venue was exquisite! We took in every corner and and every white painted bucket! Here are some pictures of the stunning interior of the venue. Can you just imagine a wedding in here?!

Cape Town Wedding Planner (19)

Cape Town Wedding Planner (21)

Cape Town Wedding Planner (22)

Cape Town Wedding Planner (23)

And the outside was just as, if not more, breathtaking:

Cape Town Wedding Planner (16)

Cape Town Wedding Planner (20)

And the view from where the bridal table will be…. need I say anymore?

Cape Town Wedding Planner (18)

And finally, after a delicious toasted sandwich for lunch in this beautiful and unique location, it was time for us to hit the road again, and to roll back over those mountains all the way home to Cape Town.

Cape Town Wedding Planner (24)

The end.

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  1. Linda 27 April, 2013 at 10:02 AM #

    lovely story, can’t wait to see the photos

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