Ante Nuptial Contracts – an Essential Part of the Wedding Planning Process

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While planning your special day, somewhere amongst all the dresses, flowers and colours, you will need to take some time to contact an attorney to compile your ante nuptial contract. This is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of the wedding planning process since it is all too easy to jump into planning your big day and focus on your wedding, but forget about the actual impending marriage. There are various reasons, aside from the legal and obvious reasons, why having an ante nuptial contract on file before your wedding is key to the wedding planning process.

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Firstly, most marriage officers will need to see proof that you have an ante nuptial contract setup before agreeing to marry you, so it’s advisable to get one setup quite early on in the wedding planning process as booking a marriage officer to perform your ceremony is one of the first steps couples need to take. It’s also important to book your marriage officer as soon as possible since this is a major part of your wedding and the best ones can get booked up over a year in advance.

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While it’s not an easy task to imagine your lives without each other or the supposed absolute impossibility that your marriage may not last a lifetime for any number of reasons, it’s important to accept the reality check that comes with preparing your ante nuptial contract and to have plans in place in the possibility that your happily ever after may not be the exact scenario you’d imagined for yourself.

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Lastly, sitting down to think about, and discuss your ante nuptial contract with an attorney and your partner is also an important opportunity to reflect on the gravity of the journey that you and your partner are embarking on. It is a good reminder to also consider the many years ahead that you will be sharing together and the subsequent implications. It’s all too fun to jump into the planning of your beautiful, dream wedding but individuals often forget to consider the marriage that will last long after their special day is over, which his certainly worth some thought and reflection.

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