Wedding Planner Tips (Part 8): Step by Step Wedding Planning Guide

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This week, we have decided to provide an overview through each major step of the wedding planning process, for all those who are looking for some guidance. We’ve used these stunning pictures of Jennifer and Daniel’s wedding, taken by Nastassja Harvey Photography at the luxurious Webersburg wine estate to illustrate the points.

Step 1: Book your wedding Planner

Wedding planners are essential as not only do they save you time and money by using their established relationships with reputable vendors in the industry, but they are also there for advice and guidance throughout the planning process. Your wedding planner will also be there on the day of your wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly and goes according to plan.

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Step 2: Find your Perfect Venue

Remember that your venue fee, menu, beverages and gratuity should all come in at under 50% of your total wedding budget, so search wisely.

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Step 3: Setup your Ante Nuptial Contract (ANC)

Contact a reputable attorney with experience in ANCs to learn about and discuss the best options for your unique ante nuptial contract. This is an essential part of the wedding planning process as most marriage officers will not marry couples until they have seen confirmation that you have security measures in place for your future.

Step 4: Book your Marriage Officer

Marriage officers can be affiliated with particular religious ties, or they can be of a non-denominational standing, this depends on your preference. Choose a marriage officer that you have met with and that you are comfortable with.

Step 5: Book your Wedding Photographer

Again, choose a photographer that you have met with and that you can relax around, this will always shine through in your pictures.


Step 6: Get your Invitations designed and delivered

It is now time to have your wedding invitations (or save-the-date) designed and sent to all your guests, especially the ones abroad so that they can start planning to attend your beautiful day.

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Step 7: Consider a DJ or a Band (or both)

Hiring a band for your ceremony and cocktail hour is a great way to add a fun and entertaining ambiance to your wedding, but it may be more budget friendly to use a DJ.

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Step 8: Choose and book your wedding cake

Your cake is a great way to bring in your wedding colours and, if done correctly, can be a beautiful focal point in your reception space.