Wedding Planner Tips (Part 9): How to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding

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The wedding planner team at Nicolette Weddings often get asked by couples for advice and guidance on how to choose and work with a theme for their big day. We’ve decided to share some of that advice, illustrated by some of the beautiful pictures taken by Lauren Kriedemann Photography, at Melissa and Gareth’s big day.

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Why do I need a theme for my wedding? Can’t I just include everything I like on my big day?

Having a theme, colour scheme or even just a theme and colour direction will guide every aspect of your big day and help you create a beautiful wedding as a whole. Decisions made regarding your invites and other stationary, outfits, table settings, décor, and even your photo’s will all be made easier when you have a theme to stick to and together, will create the look and feel for your entire wedding. This is what gives a wedding the “wow” factor! Having a theme will also prevent you from including everything on your big day which isn’t advisable as you will either become overwhelmed and flustered with all of the options, colours and décor elements that it will become near impossible to decide on, or every small detail of your wedding will become lost. There’s nothing wrong with plenty of detail, colour, texture, or even era’s for your wedding, as long as they all stick to a certain (even if vague) direction.

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How do I decide on a feel or theme for my wedding?

Your wedding feel or theme is your opportunity to express your personal tastes and styles, as well as reflect your personalities. This is what will make your wedding different to every other wedding your guests have been to. Are you a person who enjoys the outdoors and nature? Why not choose a rustic, natural look for your wedding. Do you love all things old, used, and anything that tells a story or has a history? How about a vintage theme? Is relaxing with your family and friends one of the most important aspects of your big day? Perhaps a garden wedding? The options and possibilities are endless but there is only one or two themes that will reflect you as the unique couple you are.


How do I “communicate” this theme to my service providers?

Search online for pictures to use as references. They don’t need to emulate the exact scene you have in your mind but they will help create a picture for your suppliers. It also helps to find descriptive words that will give your service providers clues such as “rustic”, “modern” etc.

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What are the hottest wedding trends at the moment?

Couples are paying more attention, and putting more focus on, the feel of their wedding, as opposed to the look of their wedding. They want to ensure that their weddings are interactive with their guests and that guests feel looked after, treasured, and relaxed. Couples don’t want to place their guests in a hierarchy of round tables but rather place all their guests together at one or two long tables so that all of their loved ones can break bread together. Couples are also straying away from having their weddings too formal as this can ruin the festive and jovial nature of the day.

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