Cape Town Wedding Planner Advice: How to be the Best Best-Man

Cape Town Wedding Planner Advice: How to be the Best Best-Man

Being an outstanding best man is about more than throwing a wild stag party filled with out of the hand drinking and wild antics seen on the movie The Hangover. Besides the debauchery, the best man’s role in a wedding is actually a rather important one, and as a Cape Town wedding planner, I’ve seen some amazing best men and I’d like to share what made them so memorable.


If a groom has chosen you as his best man, congratulations! Your buddy obviously sees you as reliable, trustworthy, good looking enough to make it into the background of his Facebook profile pictures for the next few months. Our biggest advice to you would be to not let him down, and help the bride trust you with her future husband on both the stag night, and the wedding day.


With all of this weight on your shoulders, you still need to be the best best-man ever, so here are some simple points from your trusted Cape Town wedding planner to help you fill those big shoes:

  1. The stag party 

    This party is not about you or what you would enjoy, so rather consider what the groom would prefer as fun. Also keep in mind that the groom still needs to get married, so let’s not distress the bride!

  2. Be supportive 

    Even though getting married is very exciting, it can often be overwhelming. Ask the groom how he is actually feeling, take him for a beer (or coffee) and check up on him every now and then leading up to the wedding and not just on the wedding day.
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  3. Help, help, help! 

    There is always help needed when planning a wedding. Ask if you can help pick things up, drop them off or be an extra hand during setup. Offer your assistance, even if it isn’t needed.
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  4. Always be one step ahead 

    The groom will most likely not be in his usual head space. He will be feeling nervous, anxious, excited and in love all at the same time. So stay ahead of the game and come prepared. Bring along the plasters, some panados, sugary sweets, a change of socks and some breath mints. You never know what you may need or what someone else may have forgotten.

  5. The speech 

    Everyone will be looking forward to the best man’s speech, and this can be nerve wracking. When writing your speech try to remember that it’s all about the balance between funny, embarrassing, and a little bit naughty while still being moving and tear-jerking. Also it’s important to not only talk about the relationship between you and the groom, but also about the bride.

  6. Be fun, be the party 

    Guests often wait awkwardly for someone else to take the first step on the dance floor; they never want to be the one to start the party. So make sure when this happens that you are there to get people dancing and keep the drinks flowing. Be the soul of the party.

After all of the above is complete, try to remember to enjoy the party and celebrate this very special occasion. The wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye so take pictures, dance, laugh and party the night away.

I have put together these useful tips based on years of experience as a Cape Town wedding planner and hope you’ve found them useful.

Until next time,

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