Cape Town Wedding Planner Advice: Destination Weddings

Cape Town Wedding Planner Advice: Destination Weddings

Cape Town Wedding Planner Nicolette Weddings Natural Romance Wedding-009Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular with more and more brides and grooms choosing to whisk their guests off to an exotic clime and incorporate their wedding into their honeymoon.  According to the results of the Real Weddings Study a whopping 24% of American couples are now opting to have destination weddings. There is nowhere more wonderfully welcoming to have both a wedding or a honeymoon than in South Africa. Boasting a wonderful climate all year round and scenic locations so beautiful that it will look like you’re wedding has been set in a picture postcard, a South African wedding is a wedding that you’ll never forget.

The Types of Destination Wedding

Cape Town Wedding Planner Nicolette Weddings Blue Wine Wedding-018There are so many different types of destination wedding to choose from. You could opt to get married just the two of you (without any guests in attendance at all), get married on a cruise liner en route to South Africa, so that you’re already man and wife before you begin your South African honeymoon, or even organize a large traditional style wedding for all your closest family and friends in your exotic destination.  If you do choose to organize a destination wedding that you’ll certainly need the expert help and support of a dedicated wedding planner. Organizing a wedding is hard work, and sourcing the right vendors that offer all the services you need can be difficult in your home town, let alone in a country thousands of miles away from your own. Your wedding planner will be able to help you to choose the venue that matches the wedding style you’re looking for, source your favorite flowers to include in your bouquet and organize all the other hundreds of details that your wedding will need.  From fixing your exchange rate and changing your travel money, finding someone to alter your dress and find a band that can play your favourite song, a good wedding planner will be able to take care of all of the personal touches that you might think would be missing from a destination wedding. And the marvels of modern technology means that despite that fact that you are in different countries, you can stay in constant contact with your wedding planner via both phone and email, and can share images of all of the details and other important wedding decisions for your big day.

The Considerations of a Destination Wedding

Wedding co-ordinator Cape Town Nicolette Weddings Wedding Planner Cape Town-020So is a destination wedding the right choice for you? It is a huge decision to make, and one that you should put serious consideration into before you take the plunge. When you arrange a destination wedding you almost certainly have to reduce the guest list, in comparison to the number of guests you would have to invite if you were getting married at home: And whilst hosting a destination doesn’t cost any more than getting married in your home town, money does have to be a factor in making your decision. Can all of the guests you’d like to attend your big day afford to fly half way across the world? Or can you afford to pay for their flights? Thinking about how you would feel if some of your key friends and family members were unable to attend your wedding (either due to financial constraints or because they are unable to take an extended period of time off from work for your big day) is important before you commit to a destination wedding. Finally, you should think about how you will feel to have a reduced amount of control over your wedding; whilst the key decisions about your big day will always be your own, it is difficult to micromanage these from the other side of the world. If you want to devote the next 12 months to organizing every detail of your wedding, therefore, then a destination wedding may not be for you.  It may help you to consult a local wedding planner before you make the decision to host a South African destination wedding: knowing that you have the right expert support team to help you make all of the local decisions from a distance may reassure you if you make the choice to organize a destination wedding.

Written by Susie Ball

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