Wedding Planner Tips (Part 7): Post Wedding Plans

Cape Town Wedding Planner (3) Any wedding planner will advise you while planning your big day ahead, to keep in mind that after your wedding has passed you’ll more than likely be suffering from post-wedding blues. It is very likely that you will be feeling a bit down when it’s all over and the excitement has passed. All the hype, butterflies and build-up has come and gone, and all that you’re left with is a very deflated bank account and the realisation that your relationship hasn’t suddenly changed overnight.

Cape Town Wedding Planner (1)It’s important to focus on moving forward, and usually, for brides, this means changing your name and all your documentation. To help with this, here is a list of documents you’ll want to get updated into your new surname:

  • Your ID book
  • Your passport
  • Your drivers licence
  • Your bank account and bank cards
  • Your municipal and telephone accounts
  • Gradually, all your other day to day accounts such your gym membership and clothing store accounts
  • It’s also a good idea to update your email signatures at work and telephone voicemail messages
  • Lastly, or sometimes first, your Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and LinkedIn accountsCape Town Wedding Planner (2)When the blues do strike you, here are some tips for cheering yourself up:
  • Take a long relaxing bath (with or without your new hubby).
  • Learn some new skills such as cooking a foreign cuisine for example.
  • Take up a new hobby or interest such as a new sport for example.
  • Many newly married couples enjoy redecorating their living space to symbolise their new beginning, which can be a really rewarding undertaking.
  • Focus on your beautiful new marriage and how you can be the best partner you can be and enjoy the fact that you’re only at the beginning of a long journey together.
  • Spend time with your friends to enjoy the simple things in life like a good meal and fine glass (or two) of wine.

Cape Town Wedding Planner (5)Take solace in the fact that even though the biggest day of your life has come and gone, you’ll get to live through it all again when you get your official wedding photos and video. At the very least, enjoy the fact that now that you’ve had a wedding, you have an endless supply of professional photos of you and your new hubby for your Facebook profile picture.Cape Town Wedding Planner (4)

All pictures taken by Lauren Kriedemann Photography, for Nicolette Weddings.

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